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Photos by Benjamin Diedering

Jörg Stark

Managing Director

Jörg has about 17 years of experience in online marketing and has worked successfully in various agencies at home and abroad. He studied Marketing & Communication at the IMK in Wiesbaden and Computer Science at the TU Berlin.

He established in 2009 Online Digital X, now know as Online Digital X GmbH & Co. KG, after stations as Group Head at Soquero, Mccann and Mindshare in his career.

He is Google Ads Certified for Search Engine Marketing, Display, Shopping (2020) and Sales (2018), as well as qualified for Ryte (2017). He also has qualifications in Twitter Advertising (2016) and was awarded by Google in the Digital Workshop for digital skills (2016).

  • May 2019 – Input on Instagram’s influence on SEO can be found here: Instagram influence on search engine optimization
  • September 2019 – Interview with Jörg Stark on the Online Marketing Tag (OMT) in Wiesbaden in September 2019 can be found here: Interview with Jörg Stark
  • March 2020 – Bieg Hessen: Tips for dealing with the Corona crisis by Jörg Stark
  • June 2021 – hr-INFO: Micro-Influencer: The business with influence -> Podcast abspielen
  • April/Oktober 2022 – Bieg Hessen: SEO Check for SMB
  • February 2023 – Bieg Hessen: SEO Workshop on Youtube Stream
  • October 2023 – Panel Speaker on invitation for AI

All Interviews and blogposts in German available.

Jörg is your personal contact for all online marketing topics.
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Marc Sasse

Head of Digital

As Head of Digital, Marc coordinates all channels around the marketing of our clients in the area of social media paid ads with Linkedin, Xing, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as display ads and audio & music ads and is the contact person for strategy development and reporting.

Marc is also responsible for the planning and coordination of workshops at Online:Digital X.

Marc has been working successfully in the agency for more than 7 years now and supports national and international clients.

Marc is your personal contact for paid social media campaigns.

Lev Tseytlin


Lev works as a web developer at Online Digital X GmbH & Co. KG.
He is responsible for programming, coding and gives advice on web design.

Furthermore he is responsible for innovative programming, such as Amazon Alexa Skills, or Google Home Feature. Further he is responsible of the shop systems created by the agency on the platform of
Woocommerce and shopware.

Lev is your personal contact for programming.

Marco Czerny

Head of SEA

Marco has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of SEA. In his team, he is responsible for SEA campaigns in the areas of Search, Display, Shopping, PMAX and Merchant Center. Furthermore, he supports our customers in all questions and innovations around the topic of marketing their products and services.


Marco is your personal contact for search engine advertising.

Gizem Asiltürk

Social Media Paid Campaigns

Gizem creates social media campaigns in the paid media sector, e.g. for Linkedin, Meta, Instagram or TikTok. Gizem has many years of experience in marketing events, concerts and film festivals at the Goethe-Institut.

Markus Deutscher


Markus has extensive experience in search engine optimization. He mainly supports the SEO of e-commerce customers who run an online shop.

Lukas Dzikowski


Lukas supports our clients in the area of search engine optimization, especially clients who operate portals or websites where leads are important.

Jana Vogt

Social Media - Content Creation

Creation Content for our Social Media Clients.

Jasper Hein

Social Media - Content Creation

Jasper plans, creates and develops strategies for TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Abby Bartlick

Social Media

Abby supports our clients in planing and operational doing for social media posts, stories and reels

Marcus Becker

Shopware Support

Marcus has extensive experience in Shopware, WooCommerce and e-commerce solutions. He supports our customer around these topics.

Michael Lühr

E-Commerce / Magento

Michael has many years of experience with Magento and fully supports our customers here.

Florian Steinl

Motion Designer

Flo has been working as a designer for over 10 years. He illustrates and animates. He is a specialist for large, international campaigns, but also enjoys working on small design benchmarks with manufactory character.

Eckart Backofen


Eckart is expert in SEA for serveral years. He support us with his knowledge in Search, Display and Remarketing.
And of course, he is an old collegue of Jörg Stark from the early Soquero years.

Gregory Jürs

DXR Label

Gregory is responsible for releases at our radio station Digital X Radio Frankfurt. He also supports our customers in the areas of music and social media marketing. He is a DJ himself and can also be booked via DXR.