Werbung für Online Shops

We make sure that the shopping cart is filled!

What do you need to ignite your online store ?

Your online store should receive more orders and make more profit.

Not only since Corona it has become extremely important to take the online sales channel seriously.

We are specialized in advertising online stores in almost all disciplines such as Google / Bing / Facebook / Instagram / Amazon Shopping.

Through our own solution, we can offer our customers comprehensive solutions to increase the performance of their online store very much.

This includes not only low click prices with Google Shopping CSS, but also and much more, elements to increase the conversion rates of your e-commerce installation.

According to the motto “a lot of traffic helps a lot”, but in the end very high wastage can occur, which can be minimized by conversion optimization.

What is necessary:

  • E-Commerce Installation
  • Some personal support from you
  • Access to your systems (store, social media, SEA, SEO, Amazon)
  • All of course GDPR compliant and contractually agreed.

We transform your retail store to the Internet


Startups and smaller installations

This is all quite complex, but we also offer this for supposedly “small installations”. Online store operators come to us who may not even make 5,000 Euros in monthly sales at the beginning.

Established brands and online stores!

However, if we are allowed to use all our technology and expertise, we can now demonstrate success stories in which we have been able to increase the 5,000 Euro turnover per month to a good 6-digit figure.

More established companies with high turnover benefit from our online strategy, because we have developed our own solution and can therefore dock to almost all known store systems, thus making our online marketing strategies even more successful.

Ask us without obligation. By phone: +49-69-173161190 or by e-mail to info@online-digitalx.de

What do you need for this success ?

Technology, expertise and above all the implementation of the technically necessary processes. We have to check your store system – your social media presence, your previous marketing strategy – and bring it up to date. In doing so, all collaborations, the store operator, the programmer, the web designer and of course we, as a team, as an agency.

Why we as agency for your success ?

We are almost always available and make sure that our technology works well for your store. Our experience and our success speaks for our approach. With us you are not just any ticket number. You will be looked after personally.

However, you must also go this way with us, this can be quite impassable, but in the end, the success for your store, so that your turnover and the profit from it.

What can go wrong ?

It is important that you as our customer accept our expertise. That you go along with the strategy, the way we draw you, even if it seems unreal to you.

If this is not given, it inevitably cannot lead to success. But, we are available for you, you can ask us questions. We expect you to take up new aspects and implement them together with us.

How can we start and how long does it take ?

Send us an inquiry via our contact form. After analyzing your store system, we will arrange a meeting with you by phone or zoom. If everything is right, you will receive corresponding quotes from us.

If this in turn is right for you, we can get started immediately.

Success takes time, but sometimes it starts right away, that depends essentially on you as well.

What is the cost?

We divide this into four areas.


1. Advertising Costs

Costs incurred by the advertising programmes, e.g. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc. – this is called media budget or media spending. These costs can either be charged directly to the client with the respective advertising programme or invoiced through us.

– The difference lies in the quality of the support.

Since we take over the billing for a large number of clients and thus have a certain volume of media budget, we are assigned our own account managers by Google and Facebook/Instagram, for example, who involve us in betas for the respective accounts and look after them.

If the media budget is with the clients, the volume, i.e. the booking amount, will not be as high as our total media budget across all clients. Therefore, there is no or only a rudimentary support by Google and Co.


2. Management Fee

We receive a management fee for managing, reporting, optimising, your questions, our consulting and many other things. In point 1 Google & Co. are paid.

This is usually static at the beginning and, depending on the area of responsibility, is from approx. 15% of the media budget, whereby we require a minimum booking volume in the media budget here.

– The management fee is due per channel, e.g. for Google, Facebook, Instagram.

Another option is performance-based billing.

Here we agree on billing modalities according to turnover, sales or leads. We usually offer this model after 6 months at the earliest, when we have got to know each other and the client and agency know how the cooperation works.


3. Artificial Intelligence / Bid Management / Conversion Optimisation

Three further topics that can take your shop into unimagined dimensions. Sensitive systems that can work almost perfectly in coordination with each other and therefore have to be paid for.


4. Search Engine Optimisation

Here we have proven models that are oriented towards the products / topics to be optimised. We will be happy to discuss the duration and billing with you individually, after analysing your situation.