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High quality content is necessary

Content must offer added value for the reader. Content creation is therefore necessary for every website.
If the texts are superficially researched, the user will leave the website again after a short time.

Therefore, the structure and content of the texts must be written for the reader and not for the search engines.
This is where the difficulties begin, because the search engines should be able to understand and read the text.
But content does not only consist of texts, images, videos or podcasts are also part of content creation.

But in addition to reading and understanding, interpretation is also necessary.
The search engine, whether Google or Bing, should be able to understand the context of the text.
The Knowledge Graph should be served. The so-called entities must be filled with life, so to speak, so that
Google’s algorithm understands the content. Here again, one works with attributes and entity types.

Google has already initiated various patents to bring these complex relationships into harmony.

  • Rankbrain
  • NLP
  • machine learning

to name just a few points that come into play here.

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