Production of Podcasts incl. moderation and interview

Creating awareness with Podcasts

You can reach your target group very well through a podcast.
Statistically, the 18-49 age group listens to 3-4 podcasts per week.
Even the over 49s listen to 1-2 podcasts a week, and the trend is rising.
Podcasts can be found quickly via Spotify, Amazon or Google and are usually free to listen to

Putting podcasts in the right light

We create podcasts for our clients. A podcast consists of different sections:

  • Intro and introduction
  • Questions and topics discussion
  • Music for the intro and outro

Every podcast has to be edited and mastered with sound processing.
We ensure optimal quality. In our own studio at the agency we receive
the guests for the production. There we have the appropriate equipment and recording technology.

But even if you can’t be on site with us, good-quality remote
podcasts can also be produced in good quality. We have mobile podcast recording equipment available for this purpose.

Here you can find examples of already produced podcasts

Requests are welcome!