Frequently ask questions

Many questions - our answers

We have collected some questions from potential customers here. Often it is such questions that are important when deciding which agency to engage.

Why are we the most suitable agency for you ?

  • Because we are personally there for you
  • Because we are fast
  • Because we live at the pulse of time
  • Because we do not build castles in the air, but stay with reality
  • Because we can realize your goals
  • Because we have the ambition to implement unique strategies
  • For these reasons we have been established as an agency in SEO for over 10 years

How do I bring my online store to the front ?

We hear this question very often. First you need a plan, a strategy. Simply bringing things “forward” without a concept makes no sense.

  • Topics

This needs to be discussed. Once the final is reached, the strategy can be determined. The competitors are also important. Analyses, CMS, OffPage, Content etc. are crucial points.
In principle, we can optimize any online store, e.g. also Shopify and Oxid, and thus significantly increase visibility.

Can Shopware be optimized ?

We have already very successfully made many Shopware 5.x installations fit for SEO and have achieved very good results / sales. There are plugins and own developments that we use to increase visibility, TOP 10 rankings and awareness about SEO.

Can we optimize WooCommerce stores?

Yes, of course and even very well. But it is not enough to simply install the Yoast plugin and that’s it. Besides content, products, pictures, bullet points, OffPage and much more is needed to lead a store into the TOP 10 of the rankings.

How to optimize multilingual stores ?

In a multilingual store system, each product has its own language. So each language has to be optimized individually. It is important to pay attention to which language is used for which target market.
Products in Spanish language do not make much sense in Germany, but in English language, because many people speak English and may also search in English.

How long should you use SEO ?

Good question, next question. No, jokes aside. SEO is not a one-time service.
It should be used permanently. Google’s page 1 is subject to constant change and struggle for the best places. If you want to play a part in this, you will have to use SEO permanently.

How long does it take with SEO for the first results ?

Assuming that it is clear on which topics you optimize it is different.
Depending on how the website was created, CMS, programmed, cloud-based and which approval processes are in place in the company, it can take time.
For small and medium sized companies it can be faster than for corporations, because you can intervene more directly on the website. This allows you to place SEO Assests quickly and thus make an impact.

Do you need link building ?

Do you (still) need SEO ?

The question is how well known the brand is and what kind of appeal it has. If a brand is already very well known, established in the market, i.e. in the online market, ergo the Internet, it may not really be necessary.
Apple, Nike, Addidas may not need that as a brand, but the individual sneakers then again, because they are sold by various sneaker stores and these all want to be found well. Therefore it makes sense to use SEO here.
In general a good findability can’t harm any store or service portal on the net, on the contrary.
Good qualified traffic via search engine optimization can reduce the media budget for SEA or paid social media.
Therefore, such an investment in search engine optimization can and will pay off.

The following store systems are supported by us in SEO

  • Shopware
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Oxid
  • OsCommerce

The following content management systems are optimized by us

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Contao
  • Typo3
  • Joomla
  • HTML/PHP Programmiert