Premium Networks

Target audience advertising without wastage

Target audience groups traffic on CPC basis

We book for you CPC and CPM campaigns in premium networks give your online store with a decisive kick for qualified traffic. Our bookings with direct marketers you have the opportunity to obtain more critical traffic to your website for your advertising spend. Our network offers unique opportunities that allow our customers more profit.

We usually work with Plista, Taboola or Outbrain here.
Through our market research, we can determine which of the networks is best suited for our clients.

Our bookings in the CPC and CPM area are supplied exclusively to AGOF-certified sites.

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Linkedin Ads

Linkedin is the perfect B2B network for high-value products. People in companies can be addressed directly via perfect targeting. The type of company, size, location, etc. can be selected, as well as which department of a company you want to address.

The various forms of advertising such as:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored Messaging
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • etc.

ensure that the advertisements fit seamlessly into the feed on Linkedin and that good click-through rates are achieved._
The network has its price, the success for B2B leads can be very successful.
Linkedin has very good functionality, such as a form that is called directly from the advertisement and the autofill function.
and via the autofill function, directly contains all data. The potential customer only has to confirm and already
you have generated a high-quality B2B lead.

Xing Ads

For the DACH region, its good network, which is suitable for simple B2B leads.
Campaigns can be created on a CPC basis, which are delivered via simple targeting.

In addition to image/text combinations, video is also available as an advertising form.

Via Xing Ads, you can generate a certain awareness for your service or products in the DACH region.

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