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AI is already being used in many areas. Which AIs are we currently using?

OpenAI ChatGPT 4x

We are successfully experimenting with the latest version. We are currently able to create our own chatbots and AI that uses generative AI, i.e. external data and is capable of learning.

Gemini Advanced from Google

The latest version of Gemini delivers excellent results. Inserting external data sources is very straightforward. It can be used to generate very good texts and processes
that we can use for our customers and ourselves.


This bot should be able to generate very good SWOT analyses.

Threats (risks)

Generative AI can be used here, for example, to automatically analyze workflows or processes.

Switzerland Matura – Learning with Ai

In Switzerland, the success rate for high school graduates has shot up from 30% to 95%. How? Every student got an AI tutor for their subjects due to a teacher shortage. This AI caters to each student’s personal needs and remembers their problems automatically. This means better study support and improved learning outcomes. So, in the same way, students used AI to enhance their learning experience, you can improve your online marketing strategy. No matter if it’s SEO or SEA.

ChatGPT Text Creation and SEO Content

Have you ever tried it yourself? It works great. This opens the door for mass SEO content, right? Well, maybe not. People often don’t know how to use it correctly. You have to be very careful in using this kind of content. Always, make sure it’s high-quality content. Always make sure it’s special and helpful for your user.

One thing about ChatGPT that you might now know, is that you can stop the ChatGPT bot from crawling a website. Here’s how:

# Block ChatGPT-Users from accessing via browsing plugin
User-agent: ChatGPT-User
Disallow: /

# Block OpenAIs training data webcrawler from accessing
User-agent: GPTBot
Disallow: /

There’s a lot going on in the AI field right now. Here are some key takeaways:

50% of AI Answers Wrong

A study from Purdue University in early 2024 shows that 50% of AI programming answers are wrong. GPT-3 fooled many participants regarding the accuracy of its answers.

Quality as a Key Factor

The era of Large Language Models (LLMs) isn’t just about size but also the quality of training data. The preparation of large language models, as illustrated by Microsoft’s Phi-1 and the paper “Textbooks Are All You Need”, is crucial.

AI Rules

  1. An AI must not harm humanity or allow humanity to be harmed through inaction.
  2. An AI must obey human orders unless it conflicts with the first rule.
  3. An AI must protect its own existence as long as this doesn’t conflict with the first or second rule.

Adapted from Isaac Asimov’s “revised robot laws”, by Jörg Stark, Frankfurt, 21.03.2023

If you have any questions regarding AI and your online marketing strategy, please feel free to let us know. We’re happy to help.