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Search engine optimized online press releases

We ensure that your press releases are distributed in a timely manner. These press releases are created and distributed by us according to SEO criteria, so that you can assume that your company news will receive the desired status and sustainably support your reputation management.

Addressing your target group has never been easier. We create tailor-made campaigns for online PR and thus effectively and sustainably create a public for your brand message.

Compound seo and online press releases

Search engines like Google are increasingly able to recognize pages with relevant content. Only those who provide sustainably good content can permanently optimize and maintain their ranking.

We create a content strategy tailored to your company and products and disseminate targeted press information to support your site’s online reputation.

On the one hand, the SEO for your website is sustainably supported. On the other hand, your company is also indirectly visible in search queries. Together with you, we set online topics and terms that are subsequently linked to your brand.

This complements the classic SEO goals in very concrete terms. In addition to the optimal visibility of your website, you will gain a high reputation on the net.

It makes sense to book a specific online PR package for the advanced SEO, which supports the SEO measures.

We will be happy to advise you in detail on this extensive subject area.

Here 5 tips* how to create effective press releases:

    • Less is more: Be clear about what you want to communicate and limit yourself to one topic.

Think about the recipient of your message: How can your product or service enrich his life?

  • Keywords: Texts with too many synonyms are not good for search engines. When it comes to the search term “car”, it does not help the SEO if they write “car” or “petrol coach” for stylistic reasons.

Main clauses: write simply and precisely. Every thought gets its own sentence.

Active: Don’t write about an “economical car”, but about a “car that saves money every kilometre.

*Further tips and tricks on request.

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