Voice Search with Alexa and Google Home

The language search is on the advance. Devices like Alexa or Google Home will soon be found in almost every household.
This will open up a whole new way of searching the Internet. Using the language assistants, direct information about companies can be called up.

Alexa Skill

Here, specific data can be stored to create the Alexa Skill and thus create added value for the user of Alexa or Google Home.  Even complex requirements like booking a hotel room via Alexa or Google Home are possible.

Features Snippet Position Zero

This information can be provided with the correct data via search engine optimization. You should not leave it up to Bing or Google what information is available. With the features snippet is e.g. Alexa able to get information about companies, but this position 0 must first be enriched with data. This is a part of SEO.


Using Amazon Analytics, it is very easy to see which queries were generated via the skill and what reach was achieved with them.

Via the Intents you can see which Clients Intents were taken in the Skill and/or where Amazon has switched on, because e.g. the query was not stored.


Are you interested in the development of an Alexs skill or the feature Snippet Rankings Pos 0 ?
We would be happy to advise you. Contact person: Jörg Stark, Tel: +49-69-175361190



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