Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation


Lead generation, lead segmentation, lead nurturing
We can use ActiveCampaign’s Marketing Automation to enrich your leads.
The lead generation via our media planning runs successfully for you, so we can talk about the lead segmentation:

  • Consumer acceptance
  • Demography
  • Way of making the lead
  • Interactions with your website
  • Analyze and classify

In addition, we can use the lead nurturing to better classify potential customers. For example with establishing connections to social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Xing, etc.
This enrichment of leads allows you to better assess your customers and process them in your sales process.

Other possible marketing automations could be:

  • Website tracking, what make the pot. Leads at all on your site
  • Customized forms, for a better understanding of your customers
  • Goals and conversions, we can help you here
  • Cross-reports, links from other areas of on- and offline marketing
  • Customer life cycle or customer lifetime value – how does your customer develop?
  • Split test – which channels works best for you
  • Lead Verification / Lead Assessment – Get the exact insight in your leads
  • Automation Reports – Get informed automatically via corresponding emails

Request further information from us. Contact: Jörg Stark, Tel: 069-175361190

Kind of digital identifiern

One of the most requested questions from our clients are:

How can we identify user in digital advertising and can how can ein recognize them again to push ads on their profile?

Here is a short list of the kinds of identifier

  1. Publisher ID – 1st Part IDs
  2. Vendor IDs – Adrom, Mediamath, Xnadr, Rubicon, Pubmatic. etc.
  3. Shared IDs – Tradedesk ID, Digitrust, ID5, etc.
  4. Account IDs – NetID, Liverramp, Britepool, etc.
  5. Device IDs – IDFA (iOS), AAID (Android), WAID (Windows)

If you have questions about this, please contact us.


Look-a-like, Profiling, ReTargeting

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We create technically highly demanding campaign setups. This type of campaign complements paid and organic traffic.
By working with one of the world’s largest marketers, we are able to provide small and medium sized companies with display advertising technology at campaign level that would otherwise not be possible.

Especially in the extensive tracking and the special measurability of the campaigns, a real added value for our customers in the high-quality and demanding segment is created here.

The basis is a display campaign around publisher inventory, which is then supplemented with the corresponding campaign types and thus enables the customer to receive high-quality traffic, which is then converted on the respective shop systems and portals.

Highend technology that enables our customers to generate more revenue, profit and reputation.

Ask us for advice on this very special topic: Tel: 069-710456288, Contact: Jörg Stark

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