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Social Media Starter Kit

As an entrepreneur, you have realized that you need to be present on social media.
But how should you start, which social media platform is suitable for you?

We, as an agency, support you exactly on this path!

We advise you in detail after analyzing your website and your business model.
Our Social Media StarterKit includes the following services:

  • Analysis of your website and business model
  • Creation of a social media needs analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Set-up of the appropriate social media channels
  • These social media channels are prepared with appropriate content
  • Workshop on the selected social media channels (approx. 2 hours)
  • Handover of the social media accounts to you

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the social media sector!

Social Media Starter Kit

The Social Media StarterKit contains the following social media platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat (on request)
  • TikTok (on request)
  • Clubhouse (on request)

All platforms will be equipped with professional bio, header graphics, description, hashtags, special requirements as well as the first posts for about 4 weeks.

Example: Dentist Dr. Arne Rostock, Frankfurt

Zahnarzt Dr. Arne Rostock

Price: 2.500,00 Euro/net.

Social Media Starter Kit Business

The Social Media StarterKit Business contains the following social media platforms:

  • Xing (Companypage)
  • Linkedin (Companypage)
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat (on request)
  • TikTok (on request)
  • Clubhouse (on request)

All platforms will be equipped with professional bio, header graphics, description, hashtags, special requirements as well as the first posts for about 4 weeks.

Example: Spectrum Markets, Frankfurt

Spectrum Markets

Price: 3.500,00 Euro/net.

Social Media Content Creation

Both of our Social Media StartKits require content in the form of high-resolution images, videos and texts or even influencers.
If these are not available, we can assist you with content creation.
Often the content, once created, can be used for all platforms with minor changes, for additional social media platforms.

The cost depends on whether, for example, products need to be photographed, interview or podcast recorded, or videos produced. Sometimes images and videos from database can be used.

Price: on request

Subsidies - Corona Programs - KfW subsidy programs

Our service of the Social Media Starter Kits can be settled and subsidized by the various subsidies of the Corona Hilfen or also the KfW programs.

For this purpose, you will need a corresponding invoice from us, after you have commissioned us, which you must submit. According to our experience, up to 100% can be subsidized by the various funding programs.

Please note that we must receive an order from you.
After your request, we will promptly provide you with a corresponding offer, which you must confirm to us

For further information please contact your tax advisor.

As a company, do I really need social media ?

In recent years, social media has established itself as an effective tool for employer branding.
If you are looking for new employees, the external presentation is important.

Therefore, social media is necessary.

Social media also gives potential customers insight into your company.
Professionally structured, this generates trust, demonstrates competence and gives your company a certain radiance.

Can I sell or generate leads through social media ?

This essentially depends on your product.
If you run an online store, you should test sales via Instagram or Facebook.
But Snapchat or TikTok can also be channels on which your product can be sold.

If you offer more of a service in the B2B area, the platforms Linkedin or Xing would be possible.

Through them, you can offer online courses or even webinars, for example.
Human resources is of course also a main topic here, which companies like to use to attract new employees.

What is the difference between organic visitors from social media and paid ads ?

With our Social Media Start Kits, we offer you an easy introduction to social media marketing. This will make your company more present.
We show you how you can make posts, gain new followers and thus attract attention.
This type is called organic growth in the respective social media accounts.
As a rule, you can also book paid advertisements on every social media platform. Here, you are usually billed via a CPC or CPM model.
is used for billing. If the calculated media budget is used up, no more advertising is delivered, while in the organic area the posts,
that you have created remain visible and can go viral, i.e. are shared or commented on by others who see your post.
This type does not incur any costs, except for the work of the company’s own effort. We will show you how to implement this yourself in the workshop.

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