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Advertising on smartphones, phables and tablets

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Mobile advertising is sometimes more important then ads on desktops.

We are able, in the short term and fast Mobile Ads to switch to your desired audience.
Whether iPhone, iPad or Samsung, your advertising can be placed specific target groups.
Partially more requirements are already made via mobile devices than desktop computers.

Shop Solution adaptation for mobile devices

Like iPhone, iPad, Tablets and Smartphones & Tablet PCs. The mobile market will grow by about 20% every year. Every second person who surfs on the move on iPhone, Samsung, iPad or tablet PC, so buy a well. 70% of all Germans will own a smartphone, because the next generation of iPhones is determined. As before, however, is the top dog, the Android operating system with approximately 70% market share.

What we offer you?

We offer you to adapt your shop system. Adapting means your shopsystem, as soon as it is called from a mobile device will be adapted for this terminal. Surfs a potential customer with an iPhone to your shop system, this is automatically adjusted to it. So he can call perfectly goods and commodity groups on the iPhone. About an app you can, for example, Send a potential customer directly a package on his smartphone as a Push Notification.

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