Sport Online Marketing: Special strategy for sport events

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Unlike an e-commerce installation, the advertising of sporting events requires much more planning and conception before the events take place.

Live Streams

Live streams of sports events, e.g. yoga sessions can be set up and organized by us. These streams can be offered free of charge but also with costs for participants. If you need urgent support contact us by phone 069-710456288.

In addition, there are usually many interfaces to ticket sales on the individual channels such as SEA, SEO, Social Media and Influencer Marketing.

Through our experience in these areas, especially at larger events, we have gained a lot of know-how in technology and strategy, which we can adapt to many events.

This enables us to lead almost every sports event to success. Necessary technical requirements will be clarified by us before the start. Since we are in a high technology area, this is crucial for a successful implementation.

We are currently active for:

Advertising sports or music events requires special techniques as described above. Here the hardware must be adapted to the software and vice versa. Otherwise the stream will jerk or the ticket sales will not work properly. To have all this on the screen and ensure a smooth flow of the respective events.

In addition to the hardware and software, this also includes the corresponding advertising material, i.e. ads that are to be used for Instagram or Facebook, for example, and then go viral.

It was possible to provide pre-produced assets for the fans of the sports event, which can then be downloaded via a preloading activity page.

If you are interested, please feel free to ask us without obligation.



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