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Addressable TV (ADTV) brings you real contacts instead of contact probabilities

Adressable TV makes TV advertising possible without a TV spot on smart TVs, unlike classic linear TV.
Almost as granularly trackable as online advertising!
Adressable TV is THE symbiosis of the possibilities of online advertising with linear TV.
Available as a pure branding format or with interaction and CTA – each advertising medium can be specified with individual options.

Evaluation KPIs such as AdImpressions by channel, advertising media, weekdays, environments, regions / cities, clicks, click rate, unique devices.

Individual and target groups can be addressed precisely by selecting characteristics such as age, gender, marital status, net household income and geo-targeting.

A milestone on the advertising market - The synchronisation of TV and online!

With Addressable TV (ADTV), we now have the opportunity for the first time to play digital advertising with targeting selection (national, regional, target groups) in linear television programming.

And not at the classic high-priced TV conditions, but similar to online marketing conditions!

ADTV combines the reach strength of TV with the targeted control of the online world – including retargeting.

The advertising banners are placed over the linear TV program with little interference when changing channels and achieve an above-average perception!

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Format: SwitchIn XXL

  • Banner display over the entire screen size
  • SwitchIn can be animated
  • Advertising placement in the programme environment
  • Maximum attention and commitment through full screen display
  • Target group control via geo-targeting and viewer structure data from AGF
  • Possible user interaction through integration of microsites

Format example - your advertisement could look like this

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